Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer 2011 List

I found a fellow Mom after my own heart.  She made a Summer Checklist for her family that wasn't overly scheduled, or completely impossible.  I was inspired!  (Summertime is always a stretch for a Mom like me.  How does one find the time to make summer memorable, educational, and fun for the entire family?)  It's a daunting task that takes planning, commitment and's a year-after-year summertime conundrum for me.  Until now.  I love this list.  It's loose, yet scheduled, simple, yet fun, and most of all, attainable...easy-peasy!  I love it! 

Here's our list. 

What's yours look like?

Inspiration from:

PVC Pipe Sprinkler Course:

*  Yes, we have ice cream for dinner one night, every summer.  It's tradition.  I understand your potential concern, but yet, the tradition stands.  *

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