Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dear Mom...Happy Mother's Day!

A little Mother's Day tribute to my Mama.  She's the best!  Pretty, witty, beautiful and mine. 

Hard to find
The words to begin
This story of her
I mean...
It goes on without end
I've known her the longest
From then until now
She carried me to term
And look at us now

She won my first smile
She earned it for sure
She held me close
With her, I'm secure

Such a powerful love
The world's never known
Than the one that grows
Between a mother and her own

I may not remember
That one September 5
When my eyes found yours
And my lungs breathed life

A quick little greeting
A healthy hello
Then off to sleep
In your arms I'd go

Completely at peace
Not knowing for sure
What life would bring
…No matter, no worries
Of you I was sure

I knew in my heart
What the years have proved now
That wherever you are
Wherever we'd go
We'd always be safe
Somehow I knew

You're a force to be reckoned with
A strong, steady lady
Trouble falls at your feet
You make the devil feel fainty

You've taught me so much
From manners to strength
That love's worth a fight
No matter the length.
Hate is a cuss word,
Never leave in a fight,
Settle your scores,
Put dreams to flight.

Your no-matter-whats
Made me feel safe
They may have been extreme
But they instilled in me, faith
That no matter what,
And come what may,
You'd always be there
With an, I Love You, to say.

You have a way with words
And from you I've found mine
You have a knack for writing
Me too, I find

Thanks for all
you've instilled in me
My heart started with you
And Jesus, our King

You're more than my mom
Or my very best friend
You're heroic and precious
And I love you without end

Wherever you are
My heart is at home
Your love will find me
To remind me,
I'm never alone

So from now ‘til forever
I will shine just like you
My eyes are your eyes
And my cheeks are yours too.

I'll end with a thank you
One more time
For all you do
My mama, divine!

And, also, another
(just for good measure),
I love you for always,
My forever treasure

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